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(459) 245 2686 181.64.XX.XX02/06/2020 16:23:03
(866) 201 6311 24.227.XX.XX27/05/2020 22:26:46
(830) 506 7315 41.207.XX.XX23/05/2020 09:53:41
(656) 202 3437 42.61.XX.XX15/05/2020 06:41:47
(849) 201 5502 73.249.XX.XX13/05/2020 02:41:35
(805) 425 5258 176.90.XX.XX04/02/2020 10:42:22
(624) 448 2407 78.180.XX.XX30/01/2020 19:22:30
(473) 483 1813 71.87.XX.XX22/01/2020 20:28:19
(346) 226 7589 204.126.XX.XX18/01/2020 22:17:56
(646) 347 9847 67.250.XX.XX09/01/2020 18:20:12
(866) 546 5629 98.146.XX.XX02/01/2020 20:38:26
(435) 312 2048 209.210.XX.XX30/12/2019 22:11:09

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Scam Caller ID (848) 230 8931

I pressed one to get a live person to take me off of their call list. He started yelling at me and telling me that I needed a credit card and that he wouldn’t take me off their list


Scam Caller ID (848) 230 8004

The company information of the area code for the number you are calling has been determined as Sprint Spectrum L.p.. The area code for the phone number you are calling is 848. Primary City information for this area code was determined to be New Brunswick, NJ. The data we obtained for the protection of personal information was obtained in accordance with the area code standards found in the telephone numbers. You can review white pages or yellow pages for real personal data.

How to Deal with Caller Scams ?

How to Deal with Caller Scams

The caller scams are the genuine phenomenon from the telecommunications era. The caller scams work with a scenario supported by telemarketing strategy to convince you joining some programs or simply spending money and giving other important information. There will be some tricks applied to trap you into a scam. Caller scams are those which you don’t want to deal with. However, everyone can be the target of caller scams, this article will inform you how to deal with caller scams.

There are basic practices which allow you to avoid such caller scams:

  • 1.Ignore the Unknown Callers

If you don’t want to take a risk at all, then ignoring unknown callers will do all the job. This will completely save you from any commercial scams or any unwanted telemarketing services. Don’t make a deal on the phone, use your internet to research about any products or services offered.

  • 2. No Credit Card nor Electronic Payment

It’s very important to suspect any callers asking you any information about electronic money. Don’t ever give them any card number nor deal for any money transfer through a phone call. If you can't ensure the authenticity, then the best way is to close the phone.

  • 3. Don’t give Any Personal and Financial Information

It’s not only applied for caller scams but also in the form of texts, messages, ads, and so forth. Phishing is the term used for any activities that try to steal your information and abuse it for various purpose. The techniques and strategies may differ from one to another, but remember this, when they ask such information in many ways, close your phone.

  • 4.Ignore Such Lucky Lottery

You may find some caller scams informing your winning on a lottery even though you’ve never played any of them. The common strategy is to ask you paying some money for “administration fee”, “taxes”, or other fees to claim your rewards or prizes. Let’s go back on the first rule, no payment on a phone call. Remember, there is no lottery game requires claiming on phone, there will be a detailed authenticity to claim the real prize. Just ignore such callers and you’ll save your time and money.

Well, if you have to deal with caller scams, these following steps will help you through it.

Dealing With Spam Text Messages

How to Deal with Caller Scams

When you’re going online, there will be some unpleasing yet annoying experiences including spam text messages. They’re absolutely unexpected and unwanted, but they keep appearing on your screen. Spam text messages are originally sent from computers to your phone through email or instant messages. It doesn’t matter if you’re accessing the internet from PC, laptop, or mobile devices, as long as they’re synchronized with your email, then you’ll always have spam text messages.

However, there are actually methods you can sue in order to prevent, reduce, or eradicate unexpected spam text messaging in your email or instant messaging application. The methods include how you manage your message, email, information up to the involvement of a third party software

Ignoring Spam Messages

Even though it’s a common precaution, many people might have underestimated it as there are many spam text messages cases are still around. It’s very important to ignore any spam text messages. Once you directly reply such messages, the spammers will confirm your number or address is valid. This allows the spammer to have a clear path to its random list and send other messages, again and again.

Protecting Personal and Financial Information

One of the main signs of the spam text messages is that they’re asking your personal-related information in many ways. It includes filling the forms, surveys, questionnaires, and so forth. There may be a point where you have to put any financial information about bank account or credit card number or simply passwords or authentications to proceed. Some strategies may include convincing description and instruction. On other hands, legitimate companies or institution never ask you such information.

Ignoring Any Links

In order to convince you, a spammer would put a link in the spam text messages. The link may be promoted as a redirected page where you can find any credible or further information about the message. Spammers may use this link to spread malware or phishing activities. The malware or viruses may be installed as soon as you’ve clicked the link. Some link may navigate you to a fake page while they’re stealing your personal and financial information. Any links from the spam text messages are basically harmful, don’t click them.

Reporting the Spam Text Messages

Beside ignoring, the wise action to deal with the spam text messages is reporting them. 7726 is the common number for reporting any spam text messages, it’s official and free. Let your carrier or provider get informed with such text messages, so they can proceed your report and crack down the spammers. This way, you’re not only helping yourself but also other people which may potentially become victims of the same spammer.

It’s quite surprising that most of the phone owners know that they can report such spam text messages through this way while the rest are too busy to make an official report to the provider or carrier. Otherwise, you can simply report the spam text messages to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) or something similar in your country. If the spam text messages involve official companies and corporation, then a fine will be applied.

How to Make A Phone in Canada

How to Deal with Caller Scams

When you are in Canada, looking up to the Canada Area Codes will be a great idea to make a phone in the country. Folks who use the telephone and internet might find it daunting if they visit the country for the first time.

Well, using the phone in Canada is just similar to what you usually do in your country or other countries. Making a phone to Canada is also easy as well. Like most of the countries, Canada can be direct-dialed by usual phone.

Calling to Canada

Local calls and calls within Canada, there will be 10 digits to dial. The first 3 digits will be the Canada Area Codes and the last 7 digits will be the actual number of the recipient. Most local calls come with flat rate service. If you are planning to live in Canada, you can rest assured that you will just need to pay for a flat rate service when you make a local phone call. So, for instance, if you have quotes for 500 hours duration of call per month, you just need to pay a flat rate of approximately CAD$ 20-30 per month. The flat rate is obviously beneficial if you are often using the service. At the same time, it can be a downside if you don’t make local calls since you are obligated to pay the same amount. If you are calling a mobile phone in the local area in Canada, you won’t be charged. Keep in mind that the recipient of your call might be the one who pays per minute.

Long Distance Calls

Keep in mind that long distance calls are not only limited to the International long distance matters, but also domestic long distance mattes. The Domestic long distance is the service that allows the phone users to call another city within Canada. So you would expect to use different Canada Area Codes to call to another city. It is usually coming at the same rate across Canada.

Domestic long distance call procedure

For long distance within the country, you will need to dial 1 and then the 10-digit number of the recipient you call. If you are calling a cell phone registered on the outside of your current Canada Area Codes, then you will be billed long distance. The other one out there will also be billed based on the calling duration you both make. The rate will depend on the plan that they have in their phone service.

How to Make A Phone in Canada

Best Mobile Security Apps to Deal with Mobile Malware

Billion of people are on the mobile internet today. Most of them are using mobile devices to support their activities online. It means that all the information, contacts, messages, emails video, photos, accounts, passwords, and other files are carried out in it. Only your fingers that determine whether these private contents shared or kept offline.

Despite the convenience, the mobile internet is also known for its vulnerability to their security. Mobile security becomes the main concern since there are many ways to access the information from the mobile device, exploit and abuse it without a physical access. The hacking activities are getting advanced day by day. Mobile malware is the main threat to the mobile internet today.

Since people are more engaged to the mobile internet, the presence of credible mobile security applications is highly demanded. There are hundreds of applications available on the internet but find the best ones may be a dedicated task. The ideal anti-mobile malware application should possess a reliable mobile malware detection, privacy, and protection. They should allow you to backup any data and information, tracking, and other versatilities. The most important thing is that the mobile security apps should be able to secure your data and information.


If you’re looking for a reliable and credible mobile security apps, then Norton mobile security is the best candidate. It will massively deal with any advanced mobile malware which is also light and responsive. You’re allowed to backup the contacts online. If you’re having a problem with spam calls, Norton allows you to block them.

App Advisor is the leading feature of Norton mobile security which allows you get informed about the status of installed applications. So what then? It’s not a notification but a more advanced integration between the Store and Norton networks which conclude and inform any risks or issues of security due to certain app installation.

Norton mobile security is available in Google Play Store, Apple Store, and Windows marketplace. A regular update is available for its user.

2. Lookout

Lookout is a serious android-support mobile security app which features anti-mobile-malware protection, app advisor, and contact backup. It’s a top-notch solution for Android smartphone users. It comes with a user-friendly yet adorable user interface. The scanning performance is smooth which is actually not the main advantage.

Lookout support an advanced anti-theft feature including Signal Flare Feature(SFF) and Premium Remote Swipe(PRS). SFF will automatically record the location of your phone while the PRS will progressively track your stolen smartphone. The Lookout mobile security is incredibly reliable for the Android mobile internet.

Lookout also provides a large 2GB cloud storage for each user so you can backup contacts or any important data. However, Lookout is only available for Android which can be downloaded and installed from Google Play Store. Other operating systems may have to wait until it’s available in its store or marketplace.

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